2020 Festival


The 2020 Festival for the Province of Northumberland is in aid of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution. The RMBI is one of the four Central Masonic Charities and has been providing care for older freemasons and their dependants for over 160 years.

The 2020 Festival will be our last in support of this particular charity, as the four Central Masonic Charities (The Grand Charity, Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, Masonic Samaritan Fund and the RMBI) will be amalgamating into one united charity providing comprehensive ‘cradle to grave’ support from 2016.

Holding Masonic Festivals is the main method of raising funds for the four main charities and the NMCA is the "vehicle" whereby monies that are donated by your Lodge and you, are accumulated for the Festival.

We have set ourselves the challenge of raising £2.5 million over the next 6 years. However, by working together as a team, we can meet this challenge by promoting the benefits of the RMBI and encouraging our members to support the Festival’s two objectives. First to raise money for the Festival Fund and secondly, to raise the profile of the RMBI in Northumberland so that Freemasons and their families may enjoy the assistance it offers in the future.

V W Bro. R. David Lillie PGSwdB

Festival Chairman


The Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund is to help older Freemasons and their dependants. In Northumberland, we are blessed by having the magnificent Scarborough Court which draws down its running costs from the fund.

Brethren, the Masonic Charities are our charities, for the benefit of you and your families. By supporting The Festival, you are helping change someone's life.

How you can Help

With our present membership numbers, if each of us contribute at least £300 over the Festival period, with Gift Aid Tax relief and other fundraising events, this target is achievable.

By making a minimum donation of £300 you will receive a Festival Jewel and I urge and encourage you to wear it with pride.

There will be other awards to recognise the levels of commitment to the Festival:

  • £300 –   Festival Steward
    £600 –   Festival Vice-Patron
    £1000 -  Festival Patron
    £1500 -  Festival Grand Patron

A Lodge can also qualify for a Collaret, if the total amount donated by the Lodge exceeds the cumulative minimum £300 donation per member. i.e. 25 members x £300 = £7500

The funds raised will enable the RMBI to continue their vital work in delivering the highest standards of care to over 1,000 residents in its Homes and continue to expand its range of services provided.

Brethren WE can raise £2.5 million over the next six years but only if we act NOW and commit to a covenant. Please contact your Charity Steward today and show your commitment to this most worthy charity.

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI)

The RMBI has been caring for older Freemasons and their families for over 160 years. There are 17 care homes across England and Wales offering high quality care. The Homes are registered for both residential and nursing care and a number offer specialist dementia care. Whatever services people need, the RMBI cares for them professionally and kindly. They treat people as individuals – and work together with everyone to design a care plan that meets their needs and allows them to experience wellbeing and meaningfulness.

The RMBI offers:

  • Residential care
    Nursing care
    Specialist dementia support
    Dementia Awareness Training
    Sheltered accommodation
    Respite care
    Day service

What does the RMBI do?
The RMBI cares for older Freemasons and their families as well as some people in the community. Caring has been their way of life since 1842 and they provide a home for over 1,000 people across England and Wales – while supporting many more.

How do I apply for an RMBI care home?
RMBI services are available to people with either private or public funding. Residents who have the means will have to pay for their accommodation and care. Places are granted on the basis of need following an assessment, not on masonic rank, time spent on an application list or ability to pay.

What makes the RMBI different from other care providers in the public and private sector?
The high standards of accommodation and care are closely monitored. Residents also enjoy an affinity with each other from their masonic association. Residents who choose an RMBI Home have the security of knowing that they have a home for life regardless of any change in their financial circumstances, as long as the RMBI can cater for their particular care needs.

Why should I support the Festival?
Unlike the majority of non-masonic charities that receive donations from the wider public, the RMBI is solely dependent upon donations from Freemasons, particularly through Festival appeals. The money raised from Festivals enables the RMBI to provide residents with a home for life.

RMBI care home at Scarborough Court is a local example of the outstanding work of this charity.

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