Provincial Support Team

The Provincial Support Team was founded by the Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland, the late R.W. Bro. George Usher in 1999. Its function is governed by the Provincial Grand Master, R. W. Bro. John James Craigs, who is supported by W. Bro. Brian Denton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master who leads the Support Team.

During the last 15 years, the Team have been supporting Lodges which are struggling with falling membership.

The team continues to go forward and is constantly looking for brethren to strengthen and support their numbers by taking an active role in helping lodges.

The Support Team members are very experienced Masons who understand the challenges facing Lodges and can offer guidance on ways to address these challenges, together with planning a positive roadmap for the future.

The Provincial Support Team will provide support to a Lodge for a period of up to three years by:

  • Team members taking office up to Senior Deacon
    Providing a number of dedicated visiting brethren
    Having a Support Team visit to the Lodge within the 3 year period
    Providing talks and speakers
    Delivering / Demonstrating a degree

In return, the Lodge will sign up to an agreed Support Team Action Plan that will outline in detail, what the Team can provide and also, what the Lodge itself will need do to develop during this period. This plan will be drawn up by the Lodge, members of the Support Team and the Lodge Reporting Grand Officer.

If any Lodge which requires the service and support from the Provincial Support Team, it should make contact with the Provincial Office through its Reporting Grand Officer.