TLC Appeal – 4th Annual Report
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Registered Charity No. 1087765

Teddies for Loving Care

TLC Appeal Northumberland Central – 4th Annual Report

In last year’s Report we stated that 81 Lodges in the Central Group catchment area were asked for contributions with 21 responding. Their donations and other sources of revenue gave a cumulative total of £1,914.00 which was disappointing as this sum did not cover the expenditure for the Year 2012.

In 2013 we contacted 78 Lodges of which 24 replied positively. Their contributions along with further welcomed sources of revenue realised £4,074.00 for the year. The Central Group Committee wishes to place on record their sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who donated to the Appeal this year.

As stated in previous reports, the committee views every single donation as an important contribution, especially those from the 24 Lodges. We do wish however to make special reference to the following contributors.

-        Richard Henry Holmes Benevolent Fund who kindly donated £2,000 between the three Northumberland Appeal Groups which gave each group a donation of £666.00.

-        The Northumberland Demonstration Team for their generous donation of £300.00.

-        Grainger Lodge No. 7261 for donating the proceeds of their Lodge Social which raised £363.00.

-        Wylam Masonic Hall Lodges - George Stephenson No.3390, Heddon-on-the-Wall No.8157, Vindobala No.5480 and Wylam No. 6922 - who collectively have raised and donated £610.00 this year.

-        Grace Carter aged 4 and her brother Luke aged 8 who raised £129.00 for the Appeal through sponsorship, by running in the BUPA Junior & Mini Great North Run on Saturday 14th September.

-        Clare and James Horner at Corbridge Road Masonic Hall who sold lapel badges and fund raising teddy bears which realised the sum of £250.00 for the appeal fund.

-        Malcolm I Byrne, PAGDC (Charity Steward of Faraday Lodge No. 4852), for delivering numerous talks during the year which he was rewarded with donations totalling £735.00 for the Appeal.

He continues to be this Group’s most committed individual supporter.

We are continuing the distribution of bears into the four NHS Centres covered by the Central Group, and there are no plans at present to expand beyond that remit. Each of those Centres continually express their gratitude that Freemasons are providing these bears which they say are of great help to them during the treatment of sick and injured children. They have requested that their grateful thanks be conveyed to those involved and that includes each and every one who provided and helped raise funds for these bears.

While contributions for 2013 were up by over 100% on the previous year, the outcome of 2012 serves as a warning that we cannot sit on our laurels and expect contributions to automatically flow in during 2014. Therefore in order to maintain the supply of the bears we will as per our usual custom send out requests for donations to the current 72 Craft Lodges in our catchment area.

Those who read the article in Freemasonry Today last year know that the TLC Appeal has the patronage of the Pro Grand Master and is now acknowledged as a fully-fledged Masonic charity receiving support from all our rulers. Its importance within the structure of Freemasonry means that it is incumbent on everyone involved in the Appeal to ensure it operates at the same high standard set out for other masonic charities.

We will therefore during the weeks ahead undertake a review of how the Appeal is currently working and how it should operate in the longer term for the Northumberland Province. Part of that review will involve the other two Appeal Groups to establish how the Appeal can best function and where necessary put in place those measures which will ensure the Appeal can be sustained for the future. We will communicate the outcome of that review in due course.

We hope this report has brought a further insight into the Central Group’s current position and future plans.

Finally, if you wish to donate to the Appeal, either collectively or individually, then please send your donation to the Treasurer at the address stated below. Please make cheques payable to “TLC Northumberland Central Group”.

Chairman - W Bro. John S Wallace, PGStB, ProvGPurs                         Tel: 01670 367 273

Event Organiser - W Bro. Kenny K L Chin, ProvAGDC               Tel: 07778340288

Secretary/Treasurer - W Bro. Dennis A Frazer, PProvSGD        Tel: 0191 263 3887

(209 Westbourne Avenue, Walkergate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4XT - email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


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