Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Appeal
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Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Appeal


TLC Bear

The TLC scheme was established in Essex in 2001 resulting from the admission of a Mason’s wife to the Accident & Emergency Department of a local hospital which experience they both found quite frightening.  On reflection they considered how a young child must feel when faced with the same situation and on discussion with hospital staff they decided, as a thank you they would consult colleagues to consider what could be done.  After considerable debate the idea of giving a Teddy to each distressed young child admitted to A & E and other hospital wards was evolved. Gradually the scheme spread throughout Essex and in time, to all other Masonic Provinces throughout England.

The object of the scheme is to alleviate the distress experienced by the child by presenting a Teddy which diverts his attention from any treatment and provides comfort, whilst at the same time easing the task of the medical staff who are providing care.

Province of Northumberland
In January 2015, the TLC Appeal Groups (for the North Region and the East & Central Region) have merged into a single Committee administered from the Provincial Office.

What is the TLC Appeal?
The Teddies for Loving Care Appeal is an appeal to raise funds to purchase small teddy bears which will be provided free of charge to Accident & Emergency [A&E] Units and the like, within the Province of Northumberland.

What Purpose does giving bears serve?
It has been identified that when children are first admitted into A&E units they are usually very distressed, frightened, and in many cases, in considerable pain. By providing a teddy bear for them to focus on when they first arrive, medical staff can then carry out their examinations and diagnostics checks more effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing the time needed to identify the patient’s problem, increasing the opportunity to provide and apply the appropriate treatment, which in turn hasten the patient’s recovery.

Who is involved?
Initially it was just his lodge then the whole of the Essex Province. Over the past few years it has now spread into other Provinces within the country (including our neighbours in Durham), primarily via the good services Ian Simpson (Essex), Chairman of the Appeal, who has developed the scheme nationally.

What is happening in the Northumberland Province?

The appeal is being managed by a Fund Raising Committee based in Provincial Office. For enquiries or donations, please contact the Provincial Office.

What do the local Hospitals and Children think?
The hospitals think it is brilliant idea and are keenly involved. The children are obviously delighted by them as they keep them and take them home.

Where do the bears come from and how much do the bears cost?
The bears are bought in bulk quantities from a central source based in Basildon. By buying them in bulk the cost equates to approximately £1.25 per bear. You may wish to note that the only marking on the bear will be a small label at the bottom simply stating, ‘presented by your local Freemasons’.

How much of the appeal funds go on administration?
All the money raised is totally spent on purchasing bears. All time, materials, expenses, and facilities required to organise and run the appeal are given free of charge by the Fund Raising Committee, including all storage and distribution costs.

How can you donate?
Either through your Lodge as a collective Lodge donation, or as an individual direct personal donation. The Teddy for Loving Care Appeal is certainly one of the finest and most worthwhile charities a Mason could support. Please help us to make this a success by giving us that support.


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