1803 Demonstration at Northumbrian Masters
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1803 Demonstration at Northumbrian Masters
The drama of yesteryear degree ceremonies relived

by Northumberland Demonstration Team

Raising Funds For Masonic & Non-Masonic Charities

The Northumberland Masonic Demonstration team delivered a re-enactment of a third degree ceremony from an 1803 ritual at Northumbrian Masters Lodge No. 3477 on Thursday 31st October. At the festive board a further cheque for £500 towards the next festival was presented by the team leader W.Bro Gordon Scullard PSGD, PAProvGM to W.Bro Brian Rudd, PSGD, PAProvGM, the Provincial Secretary.


Left to right. Team leader W.Bro Gordon Scullard PSGD, PAProvGM,Bro Ernie Woods, W.Bro Bill Kent, W.Bro Ray Finn, Bro.Jim Grey, W.Bro Brian Denton, W.Bro Ian Potter, W.Bro Jim Denehy, W.Bro John O’Dowd, W.Bro Paddy Watters, W.Bro Gordon McGill, W.Bro Allan Wilson, W.Bro Tom Grey, W.Bro Mathew Stephenson, W.Bro Ken Fullen.

How we started

Team members got together in late 2007 in order to raise funds in support of the Province’s 2009 Festival for the RMTGB by learning and demonstrating an early nineteenth century Masonic first degree ceremony.

Spurred on by success

Having enhanced its repertoire to include a demonstration of a third degree many invitations have been received to return to Lodges who witnessed the first degree enactment. To date over fifty five engagements have been fulfilled travelling approximately over 3,850 miles to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Great Queen Street and other provinces outside of Northumberland. The team have and have held 270 rehearsals in the last six years and raised £12,000 from donations and raffles all of which has been distributed for Masonic and other charitable purposes as the Team pays for its own travel and all other expenses.

Non –Masonic Charities that the team have supported are as follows:

  • Sea Scouts
  • Nursing
  • Hospitals
  • Disabled groups
  • Children/infants
  • Explorer Scouts
  • Medical research/support
  • Animals (PDSA)
  • Ex-Forces Support
  • Personal sponsorship

Masonic Charities

  • Provincial Festivals
  • TLC Teddy Bears
  • Scarborough court
  • Widows sons

Engagements for 2014 are as follows:
  • Doric Lodge No.5455, Province of Durham, Spennymoor, Wednesday 19/02/2014,3rd Degree.
  • Whitwell Lodge No.2014,Province of Durham, Stockton,Tuesday 11/03/2014, 3rd Degree.
  • Dyffryn Clwyd Lodge of Installed Masters No.9243 Province of North Wales, Rhyll, Saturday 26/04/2014, 3rd Degree.
  • Durham Lodge of Installed Masters No.4441, Durham,Wednesday 2/07/2014,1st Degree
  • Ashington Lodge No.2868, Ashington, 28/08/2014, 3rd Degree

You can find out more about the team on this web site under the heading of “Province” and then under  “Committees and Societies”. If you would like to discuss a booking please contact W.Bro Paddy Watters on 0191 2502265, 07921729422 or Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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