Northumberland Demonstration Team
Northumberland Masonic Demonstration Team
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The Team was formed in the late 2007 in order to raise funds for the Province's 2009 Festival for Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys by learning and demonstrating an early nineteenth century Masonic first degree ceremony.

The first performance was given in May 2008. By the closing date for the Festival, the Team had given thirteen performances to Lodges and raised some £2,600.00 for the Festival. After the Festival it was decided to broaden its original charitable intention to include support for non-Masonic charities.

The reputation of performance soon spread well beyond the Team's own Province and visits have been made to Lodges in Scotland, Durham, Yorkshire, Great Queen Street and Belfast. Future invitations have been received to re-visit Great Queen Street, Belfast and also to Wales.

To date some 49 engagements have been fulfilled and well over £9,000.00 was raised. All of which has been distributed for Masonic and other charitable purposes and the Team pays for its own travel and all other expenses.

The Team has now enlarged its repertoire by learning a third degree ceremony of the same era and many enquiries are currently being received to give this demonstration.

Calendar of Demonstrations for 2014

  • Doric Lodge No.5455, Province of Durham, Spennymoor, Wednesday 19/02/2014,3rd Degree.
  • Whitwell Lodge No.2014,Province of Durham, Stockton,Tuesday 11/03/2014, 3rd Degree.
  • Dyffryn Clwyd Lodge of Installed Masters No.9243 Province of North Wales, Rhyll, Saturday 26/04/2014, 3rd Degree.
  • Durham Lodge of Installed Masters No.4441, Durham,Wednesday 2/07/2014,1st Degree
  • Ashington Lodge No.2868, Ashington, 28/08/2014, 3rd Degree
Calendar of Demonstrations for 2013
10/06/13 Corinthian Lodge 6029 Corbridge Road 3rd Degree
28/06/13 Ex Libris Lodge 3765 Queen St London 3rd Degree
10/07/13 Free Burgesses 4504 Fern Ave 3rd Degree
14/08/13 Lord Warkworth 1879 Amble 3rd Degree
18/09/13 Thornhill Lodge 3216 Queen St Sunderland 3rd Degree
02/10/13 Bective Lodge 1532 Portland Sq Carlisle 1st Degree
16/10/13 County Lodge 6678 Archer St Darlington 1st Degree
31/10/13 Northumbrian Masters 3477 Fern Ave 3rd Degree
19/11/13 Lodge Palatine 5345 Hartford Rd Bedlington 1st Degree

We are accepting invitations from Lodges in all Provinces for 2014. All enquiries about booking the Northumberland Masonic Demonstration Team should be made to W. Bro. Paddy Watters at Home: 0191 2502265 Mobile: 07921729422 or Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Note. In accordance with directions from Grand Lodge, no brother below the rank of a Master Mason is permitted to witness the 1st or 3rd Demonstration.


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