50th Certificate for Morris Harris

On Tuesday 22nd November 2016 and at a regular meeting of Doric Lodge No. 5360 at Corbridge Road Masonic Hall in Byker, W Bro. John Chan PSGD, Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master presented a Certificate for 50 Years Service in Freemasonry to W Bro. Morris Harris PProvJGW.

W Bro. Morris was initiated into Doric Lodge on 22nd November 1966 exactly 50 years ago. So it was his 50th Anniversary day in Freemasonry and such an occasion is very rare indeed!

He recently celebrated his 93rd birthday and tonight he was very proud and extremely happy to have reached another important and significant milestone in his life time.

W Bro. Morris was installed as the Master of Doric Lodge on 25th September 1979. He received his Provincial honour of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon in 1988 and was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1997.

Morris said that when he initiated, the Lodge had over 100 members and on average there were between 80 to 90 diners with harmony at the festive boards. However despite the poor turnout tonight, the atmosphere of the Lodge remained unchanged with everyone had a great time and enjoyed each other’s company.

Incidentally John and Morris grew up together in Masonry. They were part of a team of 13 Worshipful Masters for the year 1979-80 exchanged Lodge visit in the Newcastle and Wylam areas.

50th Certificate for John Arthur Badkin

On Wednesday 2nd November 2016 and at the Installation meeting of St. Gabriel Lodge (SGL) No. 2995, W Bro. Thomas Ahang Foo PGStB presented a 50th Year Certificate to Bro. John Badkin PPGStwd.

Bro. John was initiated into SGL on 5/10/1966 at the age of 36 years old. He passed to the Fellow Craft degree on 4/10/1967 and raised to Master Mason degree on 1/5/1968. It took almost 3 years for John to get through his 3 degrees due to his being away at sea where he served as Chief Engineer in the merchant navy.

SGL had around 150 members in 1966 & at that time the Grand Lodge fee was 6 shillings & 6 pence and the Provincial Grand Lodge fee was only 4 shillings.

He lived and is still living at Bedlington from the time of his initiation and although the Lodge’s membership had diminished over the past 50 years, John has remained loyal to SGL by attending the Lodge meetings whenever he can. He used to spend a lot of his time visiting family in Kenya every year, especially winter months there rather than in the North East.

Bro. John received his Provincial honours of Provincial Grand Steward on 1/11/1989. (At such an early date even our Grand Lodge Dephi computer system does not have a record of it!)

Bro. John with the Worshipful Master, W Bro. Mike Povey PProvJGD

50th Certificate for Tom Foo PGStB

50th Certificate for Tom Foo PGStB

On Wednesday 6th April 2016 and at the regular meeting of St. Gabriel Lodge No. 2995, W Bro. Thomas Ahang Foo PGStB was presented with a Certificate marking his fifty years of continual service to Masonry by the Past Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro. Peter Magnay DL. The meeting was held in Corbridge Road Masonic Hall, Byker and was very well attended with a large number of Grand Officers present.

R W Bro. Frank Mapes, Past Provincial Grand Master of Province of Argyll and the Isles (SC) and his Past Depute Grand Master, V W Bro. Lindsey Hunter were amongst the distinguishing guests.

W Bro. Tom was initiated on 2nd February 1966. He was Master of the Lodge 3 times in 1976, 1996 and 2006.

He was the Founding Senior Warden of Oriental Lodge No. 9371 when the Lodge was consecrated in May 1990 and the Master of that Lodge in May 1991. He was also a member of Northumbrian Masters Lodge No. 3477 until 2014.

In the Royal Arch Chapter, he joined Chapter de Sussex No. 406 in January 2005 and was a Founder of Oriental Chapter No. 9371 when it was consecrated in December 2005. He was the Most Excellent Zerubbabel of the latter in December 2008.

For Provincial Rank: In the Craft, he was appointed PProvAGReg in 1993 and promoted to PProvJGW in 1999. In the Chapter, he was appointed as ProvGSoj in 2014.

For Grand Rank: he was appointed as PGStB in 2000 in the Craft.

Finally for his sins, he is the Chairman for Northumberland Masonic Bowling Association for many years and still a very active and skilful bowler.

Congratulations Tom for what you have achieved for Freemasonry in general and for St. Gabriel Lodge and Oriental Lodge in particular!



50th Certificate for Hylton Innes

On Wednesday the 27th of May 2015, W Bro. Donald Auld PSGD Assistant Provincial Grand Master presented W Bro. Hylton Dixon Innes with his 50th Year Certificate at the May meeting of Astley Lodge No. 2997.

W Bro. Hylton was initated into Astley Lodge exactly 50 years ago to the day. He was proposed by W Bro. Joe Henderson and seconded by W Bro. Ken Common Hylton and spent a lot of years doing various jobs in the Lodge including 9 years as Charity Steward and 11 years as Almoner. He eventually took the Chair in 1987 for 2 years. He joined Astley Royal Arch Chapter in 1983.

His service was recognised by the Province in 1996 and he received the office of PProvAGReg then promoted in 2004 to PProvGReg. He became a joining member of Horton Lodge No. 6690 as it is nearer to his home in Blyth.

The evening’s talk in the Lodge was all about the year that Hylton joined Freemasonry in 1965 and this was researched and delivered by W Bro. Clive Robson of Holywell Lodge No. 6341 which brought back a great deal of memories for the older brethren.

And last but not least at the festive board during his reply to his toast he finished with ‘whatever the Lodge wants me to do I will do it’! What a wonderful evening for a 85 year old brother.

50th Certificate for Thomas Andrew Swan

On Tuesday 19th May 2015 at the regular Lodge meeting of Heart of Glendale Lodge No.4005, Bro. Thomas Andrew Swan, known as Tommy among his friends, was presented with a Certificate marking his fifty years of continual service to Craft Masonry by the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro. Ian Craigs and accompanied by W. Bro. Brian Rudd PSGD. The Certificate was presented following the passing to the Fellowcraft Degree of Brother James Walker. An evening both he and all the Brethren who were present will remember for a very long time. It is recorded that there were 89 visitors in the Lodge to witness their friend receive this well deserved honour.

Tommy was Proposed by W Bro. Billy Ellacott, Seconded by W Bro. Steve Jackson and was Initiated on Tuesday 20th April 1965 alongside William Nichol.

W.M. Joe Stuart, a shepherd, was up to his armpits in lambing ewes, so IPM Alec Campbell took the ceremony. The Junior Deacon was Bro. John Dunlop and apologies for absence were given for Bro. JMF Nesbit who was on the high seas. There were 42 members and 10 visitors, recorded in the visitors’ book.

Tommy was Passed to the Fellowcraft Degree on Tuesday 21st September 1965 alongside Bro. Bernard Lowis, with John Dunlop recorded again as Junior Deacon. Bro. Jim Nesbit was still sailing around the ocean, and the visitors’ book records 42 members and 6 visitors. He was raised on Tuesday 15th March 1966 alongside Bro. Bernard Lowis. Bro. John Dunlop was now Senior Deacon, but there is no mention of Bro. Jim Nesbit, perhaps he had landed back at home. The visitors’ book shows 50 members and 13 visitors attended.

Tommy was appointed as junior steward on Tuesday 17th November 1970. He has served on the Finance & General Purposes Committee for numerous years. He was Lodge Auditor from 1983 until 2005. He has filled in as Tyler, I.G., J.D., and S.D. in our Lodge and our Mother Lodge, Alnwick Lodge No. 1167, for many years. One of his favourite pastimes was visiting the many Lodges in Northumberland with his friend Bill. He was recognised by Province in November 1994 with the rank of Provincial Grand Steward, and was made an Honorary member of our Lodge on 17th November 2009.

Tommy was one of the original committee who started the Northumberland Masons on Tour weekends, which is now a regular annual event. Tommy was part of the winter service crew of Northumberland County Council, responsible for keeping the roads open from the Scottish Border down to Wooperton Station on A697 and all other 'B' 'C' and minor roads in between.

In his own words "is the only SWAN in Wooler, apart from the ones swimming in the Wooler Waatter" and on the day following his presentation on the 20th May 2015, Tommy had his 90th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Tommy and Congratulations from your many friends!

The Temple was packed out with Tommy's many friends

Tommy's Certificate

Provincial Grand Master R W Bro. John James Craigs and Bro. Thomas Andrew Swan photo opportunity

Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro. John James Craigs, Bro. Tommy
W Bro. Brian Rudd PSGD and our Worshipful Master, W. Bro J.R.Grey PGStdB


Tommy's Cake


50th Certificate for Sid Fisher PJGD

On Tuesday 21st April 2015 and at the regular meeting of Portland Lodge No. 6170, W Bro. Sidney Isaac Fisher PJGD was presented with a Certificate marking his fifty years of continual service to Masonry by the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro. Ian Craigs. The meeting was well attended with a large number of Grand Officers present.

W Bro. Sid was initiated on 15th December 1964, passed in March 1965 and raised in April 1965 into Portland Lodge. He was the third candidate of a total of 6 in that year. The waiting list in those days was 3 years and the Lodge membership was 110.

During his progress up the ladder to Master, Sid occupied every office except that of Senior Deacon. In that year one Brother had to step down due to illness and Sid moved from Junior Deacon to Junior Warden which was a big step forward.

One of his busiest offices was that of Assistant Secretary which involved the hand-written addressing and distribution of 120 envelope each month and some of which he delivered by hand locally.

In 1976 Sid was Master of the Lodge. In 1981 he was a Founder and later became a honorary member of Bretwalda Lodge No. 9007 in Shiremoor. In 2004 he was installed in the Chair in Northumbrian Masters Lodge No. 3477 and became Chaplain since 2008. Sid was also made an honorary member of Servavi Lodge No. 6105 in Morpeth.

Sid is a member of 9 other Orders holding Provincial or higher ranks in all. He was very proud and privilege to represent the past and present Provincial Grand Masters on 103 occasions throughout the years.

Finally for his sins, he was the Chairman of Ashington Masonic Hall Management Committee for 24 long years.

Well done, Sid for what you have achieved for Freemasonry in general and the Ashington and Portland Lodge in particular!


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