50th Cert for Wilson
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50th Certificate for John Wilson PPJGW

W. Bro. John Robert Wilson was initiated on 23rd February 1960 into Doric Lodge No. 5360. He progressed to Senior Warden in 1967 but due to his work commitment, he did not take the chair on the following year. In 1977 he was made Junior Warden for the second time. Unfortunately he had an accident in February 1978 and he returned to the Lodge on crutches in June 1978 to be informed that the Senior Warden was not going into the chair. So on 26th September 1978, he was installed into the chair of Doric Lodge with the aid of 2 walking sticks. He took the chair again in 2001 and 2002. He was Treasurer from 23rd October 1979 until 25th September 2000.

W. Bro. John received his Provincial honours of PProvDGReg in 1987 and promoted to PProvJGW in 1999.

In the Royal Arch, John was exalted on 18th February 1963 into Heaton Chapter No. 2723. He was installed as Zerubbabel in 1998 and 2008. He received his Provincial honours of ProvAGSoj in 2004.

In the Mark Master Masons, John advanced into Unity Mark Lodge No. 708 on 14th November 1963. He was installed in the chair in 1981 and 2005. He was the Lodge Secretary for 20 years. He received his Provincial honours of ProvGSD in 1986, promotion to PProvGSO in1990 and then further promotion to PProvGJW in 1999.

The presentation took place at Corbridge Road Masonic Hall on Tuesday 23rd February 2010. W. Bro. Wilson acted as the Initiate on the night, the same position he was in exactly 50 years ago. W Bro. John Chan PSGD, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master presented the Certificate to W Bro. Wilson for his 50 years service to Craft Masonry. W Bro. John Wallace PGStB, the Reporting Grand Officer of the Lodge read the content of John’s Certificate and also presented him with a bottle of whisky.


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