50th RAC Certificate for Derek Grant

On Monday 16th December 2013 and at the Annual Convocation of Oriental Chapter No. 9371, E Comp. Derek L. Grant was presented with his 50th Certificate for his long and continuous service in Royal Arch Masonry by the M E Grand Superintendent, E Comp. Peter Magnay DL.

Derek joined Oriental Chapter on 17th June 2013 as a Joining Member after his founded Chapter, Castle Wardens Chapter No. 8213 handed in the warrant last year.

E Comp. Grant was exalted into Seymour Bell Chapter No. 3635 on 15th October 1963. He then joined Temperance Chapter No. 2557 and was the M E Zerubbabel on 12th June 1974. He became a Founder Member of Castle Wardens Chapter 29th November 1978 and was the Founding Scribe Esra.

He received his Provincial honour of PProvGSN in 2004.

The following photographs mark this memorable and happy occasion.




70 Years for Harry Smith
A Presentation to a Special Royal Arch Mason
70th Certificate for Excellent Companion Harry Smith PProvGSN.

At the Annual Convocation of the Provincial Chapter of Northumberland held at St. James’ Park on Thursday, 15th April 2010. Most Excellent Companion Peter Magnay, Grand Superintendent, presented a 70th Certificate to Excellent Companion Harry Smith PProvGSN.  E. Comp. Harry was exalted into Ashington Royal Arch Chapter No. 2868 in 1940.  M.E. Comp. Magnay paid tribute to the long and sterling service to Royal Arch Masonry and to Craft Lodges in the Ashington Masonic centre where E. Comp. Harry continued to be organist – at the age of 92!

Harry was born in 29th June 1916 and exalted into Ashington Chapter on 6th March 1940. In 1960 he was installed as Z. in 1960. In 1962 he was appointed Organist, an office that he still holds today.

In Craft Masonry, Harry was initiated into Wansbeck Lodge No. 5171 in Ashington on 19th January 1939. He was Master on 21st March 1957. Harry was appointed as Lodge Secretary in 1959, an office which he held until 1973. In 1975 Harry was appointed as Organist and has held this office ever since.

For Provincial honours:  In the Craft, he received ProvAGDC in 1966, promoted to PProvGReg in 1978 and then to PProvJGW in 2000. In the Chapter, he received ProvGStB in 1964, promoted to PProvGReg in 1977 and then to PProvGSN in 1992.

The presentation was made under the image of a very famous footballer, Jackie Milburn in his prime, who was incidentally another famous son of Ashington.

Harry Smith 1

M.E. Comp. Peter Magnay, E. Comp. Harry Smith and Comp. Adam Pratt (Harry’s good friend for many years) (L. to R.)

Harry Smith 2

Provincial Grand Haggai, E. Comp. Alan Reece on L. and Provincial Grand Joshua, E. Comp. Malcom Osbourne on R.

United Grand Lodge of England