Secret Monitor
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Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David & Jonathan

Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Right Worthy Brother William Alan Radford

Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Worthy Brother Robert Dixon, PAGDC

Provincial Grand Recorder
Worthy Bro Peter Layton
4 Waverton Close, Southfield Lea, Cramlington, NE23 6PF

Tel:  01670 732800, Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Secret Monitor Conclaves Meeting in Northumberland

Royal Kent, No. 83 meets 2nd Thursday in January, March and October at Shiremoor

Heart of Glendale No. 239 meets 2nd Monday in March, May and September at Morpeth

Severus, No. 361 meets 2nd Tuesday in January, April and September at Throckley

Wudcestre, No. 390 meets 4th Tuesday in March, August and October at Ashington

Thistle & Rose, No. 484 1st Thursday in April, August and November at Berwick upon Tweed

Shield of David, No. 511 meets 4th Thursday in February and June at Shiremoor (Installed Supreme Rulers)

Conclave of the Prince Bishops, No. 601 meets 3rd Wednesday in  May, August and November at Bedlington


Information about the Order

The strength of this Order, not only in this Province but throughout the world, lies not in its number of Conclaves or members, but in the extent to which its principles and teachings of Friendship, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are put into every day practice - by all its members! In fact we practice what other Degrees and Orders of Freemasonry preach.

"The Order of David and Jonathan" was brought to the New World about 1658 by Dutch settlers of Jewish decent. The Secret Monitor became an American side degree conferred by a Mason on another. It came to the United Kingdom as an independent Order around 1875 although the degree had been worked in England since the early 1800s by some Allied Councils. A Grand Council was formed in 1887 when the ritual was added to and became three degrees, namely Secret Monitor, Prince, and Supreme Ruler.

The Order was introduced from America by Dr. Issacar Zacharie who, with others formed the "Alfred Meadows Conclave" with Dr. Zacharie as the first Supreme Ruler. In a very short space of time on 17th June 1887, Grand Council (Now known as Grand Conclave) was formed, Dr. Zacharie being nominated as the first Grand Supreme Ruler. He presided over the first meeting of Grand Council which met in his home at 80 Brook Street, on 2nd July 1887. The Order of the Secret Monitor in England and Wales was also conferred under the auspices of the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees. This dual jurisdiction continued until 1921 when Col. Napier-Clavering, who was Craft Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland, became Grand Master of the Allied and expressed a wish that the two sides come together, even if it meant the Allied giving up some of its rights to the other side. Col. Napier-Clavering had joined the O.S.M. through Summus Conclave in 1922 and eventually became Grand Supreme Ruler of the Order in 1929, still being Grand Master of the Allied. In July 1931 he was able to reach an agreement between both bodies. The Allied recognised the Grand Council of the Order of the Secret Monitor as the sole authority over the Degree and agreed that Councils of the Allied should no longer work the Secret Monitor Degree. Royal Kent Conclave had been working as part of the Allied degrees since the early 1800’s until this time.

Our modern Order of the Secret Monitor is a Society framed upon the principles of self-sacrifice; of mutual trust, watchful brotherly care; of warning in time of danger; solace in time of sorrow; and skilful and effective friendly advice in every circumstance of life: Within Craft Freemasonry we are taught, at an early stage, that it has for its Principles, ‘Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth’. In no other Order in Freemasonry, than that of The Order of the Secret Monitor, can there be found a greater emphasis on those fundamental Masonic Virtues, or the teaching of those principles.

All Master Masons are invited to join this Order.


United Grand Lodge of England