PGM Christmas Message
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I anticipate that most of the Brethren will by now realise that it is not in my nature to spend too much time ruminating on what might have been, expressing regret at lost opportunities or bemoaning the allegedly halcyon days of freemasonry.

The past has been and gone and with the benefit of hindsight we can and will regard it with affection but if freemasonry is to prosper it is essential that together we look forward, identify areas of potential weakness and address any problems arising therefrom.   Individual grievances cannot and will not be allowed to subsume the welfare of a lodge: there really is no place for any “they and us” mentality.   “We” should all look ahead with enthusiasm and determination to meet the many challenges which will undoubtedly become manifest.

The Festival in aid of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys continues to dominate my, and I hope all, our thoughts and actions.  I am delighted that we have already passed the £2m milestone and are almost half way to meeting the remaining £500,000.00 we need to achieve our target.  I am extremely grateful to all of those Brethren who have responded so positively to my request for an additional donation of £100.00 and remain optimistic that those who have yet to answer the call will do so well before the 5 April 2009, thereby receiving the approbation of the brethren and the testimony of a good conscience.

As we approach Christmas let us not forget its true message – peace on earth:  goodwill toward men.  It is, of course, traditionally a time for celebration and family but as we severally begin the rounds of turkey, plum pudding and over-enthusiastic carolling we ought not to forget those less fortunate than ourselves, those who may not have a meal to eat or friends whose company they can enjoy.  

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and Festive season and express the hope that the coming year will bring each of you peace, prosperity and great happiness.


Peter Magnay – Provincial Grand Master