2013 Chapter Appeal
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To All Chapter Companions,

Te ME Grand Superintendent at the Annual Convocation held on the 13th April 2011 made two new appointments, a Provincial Grand Almoner and Provincial Grand Charity Steward.  The welfare of Companions and their families, and Charity is just as important to the Chapter as it is in other Degrees.
It is a requirement that you have to be a member of the Craft to join the Chapter, but you do not have to be a member of the Craft to continue to be a member of the Chapter. There are Brethren who are only members of the Chapter, or who are more active in the Chapter than other Degrees.  It is for this reason a Provincial Grand Almoner for the Chapter has been appointed.
Norman West who is the Provincial Almoner for the Craft has been appointed the Provincial Grand Almoner for the Chapter. Norman is well known in the Province and in particular the work he has done to help Brethren and their families in the Craft. If his assistance is required to help a Companion his contact details are as follows, and I would be grateful if you could keep these details for future reference:- 17 Elgin Gardens, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE6 4EJ. Tel:0191 2630204

The members of the Chapter have always been very generous when it comes to Charity.  It was therefore decided to appoint a Provincial Grand Charity Steward, and I was pleased to accept that appointment.  When the Craft held its 2009 Festival the Chapters made a contribution of £45,787, and I am grateful for the donations made to the Masonic Charity Association by Chapters after Installation meetings.

There may, however, be members of the Chapter who do not attend a Craft Lodge, and wish to make a donation to Charity, if that is the case, if they contact me I will be pleased to assist.
The Companions will be aware that in 2013 Supreme Grand Chapter will celebrate its 200th Anniversary. To celebrate this event Supreme Grand Chapter together with the Royal College of Surgeons of England have established The Royal Arch Masons 2013 Bicentenary Appeal. This fund is to support surgical research projects.  The Aim is to raise £10 from every companion by the end of 2013.

To fulfill this obligation £18,230 has already been donated by the Northumberland Masonic Charity Association (NMCA) to the Bicentenary Appeal.  To replace the donation made by the NMCA, Chapters are requested to collect £10 from each of their Companions and to forward this sum to the NMCA by the end of 2013.  Companions who have already have made a donation direct to Supreme Grand Chapter are not expected to make a second donation, nor are Companions who are a member of more than one Chapter. The easiest way for a Companion who is a member of more than one Chapter to make the donation is through his “Mother” Chapter.  I would be grateful if all Companions and Chapters support this worthy cause and make the donation before the end of 2013, if not sooner.

Under the Gift Aid Scheme the NMCA can reclaim Tax that Companions have already paid on their donation. Please ensure that all Companions have completed and sent to the NMCA a Gift Aid Declaration Form. These forms can be obtained from the Provincial Office.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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United Grand Lodge of England