Lodge Websites
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Lodge Websites

A number of Lodges in the Province of Northumberland have their own websites and they are listed in the Web Links section. Please note that these sites are all conformed to the guidelines set by United Grand Lodge of England as well as approved by the Provincial Editorial Board. Click on the link below to view them.

Northumberland Lodge Websites

Package for Lodge Websites

United Grand Lodge of England has recently launched a new website and one of its main objectives is to promote openness. Grand Lodge has also declared that it would like all Provinces to adopt a similar policy and our Province intends to comply. As part of that process our Provincial Executive is encouraging every Lodge to have its own website, and requests that every Lodge takes the time to consider how this might best be achieved for them.

In order to help with this objective, the Province has negotiated a deal with our Provincial Web Design Company. They will provide for each Lodge a website with a similar style and design to that of our Provincial Website thereby keeping the costs to a minimum. Please note that by doing it this way, there is no need for individual lodges to incur the expense of doing it all themselves (i.e. No need to purchase a domain name, to find an ISP (Internet Service Provider) to host the service, and to find a company to do the design and set up). The discounted costs negotiated by the Province are: - a set up cost of £50 which is one-off and includes content, menu items, calendar, Lodge logo, photographs etc; and an annual maintenance and support cost of £60 (i.e. £5 per month).

There are now 8 Lodges using this service and they can be accessed from Web Links webpage. Click on the links below to see some examples:

1. Heart of Glendale Lodge No. 4005
2. Oriental Lodge No. 9371
3. Hulne Priory Lodge No. 6464
4. Grainger Lodge No. 7261
5. Reserve Forces Lodge of Northumbria  No. 2666
6. Duke of Connaught Lodge No. 3892 (Universities Scheme)
7. The Lodge of Swinburne No. 2680
8. Northumbrian Masters Lodge No. 3477

Lodges should note that this package will also include email addresses and mailboxes for your Lodge members. If your Lodge should decide to take up this very attractive offer, please contact our Provincial Webmaster.


United Grand Lodge of England