Grand Charity Minor Grants Oct 2012
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Fourteen small charities have received minor grants from the Grand Charity totalling £30,500. Minor grants can be used for the general running or overhead costs of the charity.


£2,500 British Stammering Association

Provides information and advice on treating or living with a stammer, or how to support others with stammers.

£2,500 Child Brain Injury Trust

Provides information, support and training to young people affected by childhood acquired brain injury (ABI).

£1,500 deafPLUS

Provides support, advice, information and training for people with all levels of hearing loss.

£1,000 Dwarf Sports Association

Promotes sport and a healthy lifestyle for all people with restricted growth.

£3,000 The Encephalitis Society

Aims to improve the quality of life of all people affected by encephalitis.

£3,000 Fine Cell Work

Trains prison inmates in a paid, creative craft skill; fostering discipline and hard work with an aim to stop them re-offending.

£1,000 Footsteps Foundation

Provides necessary intensive physiotherapy to children and young people affected with neuro-motor disorders.

£1,000 Ichthyosis Support Group

Provides information and support to people affected by Ichthyosis, as well as health care professionals.

£5,000 Jumbulance

Provides purpose-built coach/ambulances specifically designed to enable those with disabilities, the severely ill or significantly dependant to travel in safety and comfort.

£1,000 Little Hearts Matter  

Provides support and information to the families of children affected by a single ventricle diagnosis.

£1,000 Ostomy Lifestyle  

Provides support for anyone affected by stoma surgery on their bowel or bladder.

£3,000 Queen's Nursing Institute  

Provides support for community nurses and promotion of best practice and innovation.

£2,000 Theodora Children's Trust

Provides entertainment by sending giggle doctors to sick children bringing them laughter and fun allowing them to escape the reality of their situation.

£3,000 UCanDoIt

Provides training for blind, deaf and disabled people on how to use a computer and access the internet.

TOTAL: £30,500

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