Articles from Grand Charity - April 2012
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Articles from Grand Charity
April 2012

Article 1:

The Grand Charity helps Freemasons and their families in need

2011 proved to be another busy year for the Grand Charity. Over £4.3 million in grants was approved, assisting over 2,000 people. Grants are made towards:

•    Essential daily living costs
•    Unexpected needs (e.g. funeral bills, minor home repairs, or hardship faced following an accident, redundancy or other personal crisis).

The majority of people assisted were widows aged 60-80, with 54% of applicants falling into this category. The Charity also assists many people who suffer from health problems that have left them unable to support themselves financially.

Throughout 2011, over £100,000 was given to support Freemasons and their dependants in Northumberland.

It is hard to demonstrate the life changing nature of these financial grants. Numbers and statistics do very little towards painting a true picture of the difficult situations faced by many. The help the Charity provides can assist with seemingly small things such as heating someone’s home or making sure they have enough to eat – but this support greatly improves the quality of a person’s life.

If you or someone you know would like to enquire about help available please contact The Freemasons’ Grand Charity on 020 7395 9391 / 9293 or visit

Article 2:

Minor grants from the Grand Charity – fourteen charities receive £26,500

The Minor Grants programme provides funding for smaller, nationwide charities in support of medical research, vulnerable people and youth opportunities. These are the first grants to have been awarded by the Grand Charity this year, totalling £26,500. Core funding between £500 and £5,000 are given to charities whose annual income does not exceed £1 million. Core funding means that an applicant charity does not have to specify a project, a minor grant can be used for the general running or overhead costs of the charity.

Charities that have received grants so far:

AFASIC - £2,000
Helps and supports children and young people affected by speech, language and communication impairments.

Amy and Friends - £1,000
Supports children and their families who suffer from a rare condition called Cockayne Syndrome.

The Anaphylaxis Campaign - £1,500
Provides support and guidance to people affected by life-threatening allergies and to campaign for better allergy services and improved food labelling.

Association of Young People with M.E. - £1,500
Provides support and information services to vulnerable children and young people with the chronic debilitating condition Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and their families.

Auditory Verbal UK -£2,000
Teaches hearing impaired babies and children to listen and speak through Auditory verbal therapy.

DEMAND (Design & Manufacture for Disability) - £2,000
Designs and manufactures bespoke equipment for disabled people.

Disability Law Service - £2,000
Provides free information and advice to disabled and deaf people on their legal rights and entitlements.

Envision - £3,000
Providing educational support and adult volunteers in schools to help young people aged 14-25 design and lead their own projects in key areas of youth volunteering, sustainability, citizenship and social enterprise.

ERIC - £2,000
Provides information and support to families with incontinent children.

Get Hooked on Fishing - £2,000
Improves the lives and wellbeing of children and young people across some of the most deprived areas in the UK through the national angling project.

The Island Trust - £2,000
Motivates disadvantaged young people through sailing.

National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped - £1,500
To encourage, develop and promote swimming for disabled children and adults and to act as an umbrella organisation for member clubs.

PEACH - £2,000
Provides parents of children with Autism with support, information and advice.

POD Charitable Trust - £2,000
Entertaining children in hospitals, (magicians, musicians, etc).

TOTAL: £26,500

The Island Trust: Young people enjoying time with the Island Trust, a charity that motivates disadvantaged young people through sailing.

Envision: Teenagers carrying out their own community project with the help of Envision. Envision is a youth charity supporting young people from inner city backgrounds to make a positive difference and build key skills.

DEMAND: Nineteen year old Charlie has severe curvature of the spine causing him to lean over forwards, with his chest almost touching his knees. This makes it very difficult for him to use the tables and desks in his special school. DEMAND created a tray to fit to his chair that would provide a work surface and also support his upper body. The front half of the tray can be tilted upward so that things like books, drawing paper and electronic devices can be placed in the optimum position for Charlie to use them. DEMAND provides bespoke equipment for people with disabilities.

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