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Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland (1947-1952)

William Cooper Bailey was Initiated into the Lodge of Swinburne on 22nd April 1901, at the age of 22 years. He was passed to the second or Fellowcraft degree and raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in the May and June of that year respectively. At this particular time he lived in Whitley Bay. Although he did not hold any Office in the Lodge of Swinburne, he was involved in Freemasonry quite deeply in general, being a petitioner for the formation in 1903 of Tynemouth Abbey Lodge No. 2971 which held its meetings at the Masonic Hall, North Shields.

Bro. Bailey resigned from the Lodge of Swinburne on 31st October 1905. He continued his masonic career in Tynemouth Abbey Lodge, holding the office of Junior Warden in 1905, Senior Warden in 1906 and Worshipful Master in 1907. Prior to resigning from Tynemouth Abbey Lodge, W.Bro Bailey petitioned to form the Northumberland Masters Lodge No. 3477, as in the Lodge of Swinburne, W.Bro  Bailey did not hold any office, he later resigned in 1913. Once again W.Bro Bailey was a petitioner to form a new Lodge, Golfer’s Lodge No. 3512, he was Senior Warden in 1911 and held the Office of Master in 1912. He was installed as Master for a second time in 1941. W.Bro Bailey joined the Lodge of Regularity No. 91 in London on 27th April 1944, at this stage in his life he was 66 years old and living in Chelsea, He resigned from the Lodge of Regularity in 1954.

W.Bro Bailey was also involved in the Holy Royal Arch, he joined Ridley Chapter No. 2260, and was exalted in 1908, hereafter he joined Harrogate and Claro Chapter No. 1001 on 25th November 1930, and held the Office of 3rd Principal 1933, 2nd Principal 1934 and 1st Principal 1935. He was also a Founder of Novocastrian Chapter No. 3361 1st November 1944.

W.Bro Bailey held the Office of 1936 PAGDC, 1936 PGStdB, 1942 Deputy PGM for Northumberland, 1943 PJGD, 1943 PAGSoj, 1947 Provincial Grand Master of Northumberland, 1947 Provincial Grand Superintendent of Northumberland.

In 1952 W.Bro Bailey retired from the Offices of Provincial Grand Master / Provincial Grand Superintendent due to ill health. He died in 1958.